The second version (26.1.08)

I've made some changes with the great help of wonderful knitters in Ravelry :).


So here is the pattern in Finglish :) :



Quick Sneakers by Helmis / Pikasniikkerit
Some notes:
* The idea of these Sneakers is very simple. I wanted to learn how to knit toe up, and here it goes.
* Changing the size of needles and using different yarn makes it possible to knit the sneakers in many sizes. The example sneakers are size S/M. (38/39)
3 mm double point(ed) needles
60 - 80 g  ( about 130  - 150 yards) leftover sock yarn - like Novita 7 veljestä
To start:
Cast  on 6 stitches. Pick up 5 more on the opposite side of the cast on and begin knitting around. Divide stitches between 4 double points.
On the first round make 1, then you have 12 sts = 3 sts on each needle.
2. round: 1. and 3. needle: * knit f&b, knit 2*, 2. and 4. needle: * knit 1, knit f&b, knit 1*.
3. round: 1. and 3. needle: * knit f&b, knit to the end of the needle*, 2. and 4. needle: * knit until there are 2 sts on the needle, knit f&b, knit 1*
Repeat these increases on every round until you have 7 sts on each needle.
Then make increases on every second round until you have 12 sts on each needle = 48 sts. ( or try the sneaker and make more or less increases to fit.)
Start knitting around. Knit  about 20 rs.
Then (after the 1. needle) stop working in the round and work back and forth to form the open top of the sneaker. 
Knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side rows, keeping the first and last 3 sts of every row in garter stitch.
!! I started knitting garter stich in the middle of the sneakers 3-4 rows before!!
When the sneaker is long enough - almost at the heel, place half the stitches on each needle and knit the heel edges together using a 3-needle bind off.
Knit another sneaker and weave in ends.
You can also make some decreases before the heel in the middle of the sneakers bottom if you want.
Please look what brilliant ideas other knitters have got about this pattern: Boing.
- Helmis-